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Explanation of Data Layout

The string of information consists of the following, each seperated by a '/'.  Titles may also have a slash in them so you may have to look closely:
Name of Dog - There are ocasionally duplicate names in the stud books.  I resolve this by adding a letter in parentheses (example  (A) or (B) ).  There are two Ruffians for example (one male, one female).  I have added (M) and (F) respectively.  When I know for sure a dog was imported from another country or the breeding took place in another country with foreign dogs I add the country of origin behind the dog's name.  For example (Belg.) or (Eng.).  I did not do this with Canadian dogs because there is a lot of cross border breeding.
Titles (if known) - This includes both prefix and suffix titles (AM/CAN CH and CD for example).  All titles are American unless otherwise noted.
Registration Number - I cannot include all of the Registration numbers for dogs.  This task is already massive.  If someone needs a Registration number on an American Dog, email me ( and I can try to dig it out.
Sex - M (male) or F (female).  It may be blank if unavailable from the input source.
Stud Book Date (if known) - This date has brackets [6-1974] and consists of the month and year of the dog's first recorded litter.  If there is an asterisk (*) next to the year, the dog was not found in the Stud Book on the documented date. 
Birth Date (if known) - This is shown in the pedigree square of the dog, below the Name information.

Database contents - Updated January 16, 2000

The Schipperke Pedigree database contains Information from a variety of sources including the SCA Studbook, Central Rockies Schipperke Club Year Books, Schipperke Champion Books, Circuit Breakers (1981 - 1984), SCA Bulletins, SCA Specialty and National Catalogs, Infodog,and Onofrio web site show results pages.  Also, pedigrees have been provided by many people.  Many schipperke books including Isabel Ormiston's books from 1928, 1933, 1940 and 1950, and the 1965, 1978 and 1993 SCA Schipperke books have been scoured for pedigree information as well.

The SCA Studbook has been keyed in from 1904 (the beginning) through December 1942.  More will be added from the Studbook.  All modern dogs where information was available have been researched back to at least 1955.  In most lines, the history goes all the way back to the importation of the line to the US. 

There are some dogs that I still need to find the parentage of.  Out of 14,159 Schipperkes, the parentage is present for 13,685 of them.  Of the remaining 474, most of them are foreign dogs.

I have the sex on all but 312 dogs.

Disclaimer:  Every effort has been made to enter information accurately.  Data has come from many sources.  It is not possible to maintain all titles on every dog.  The information available at the time of entry is what was entered.  If you have a dog that is not in the database and you would like it included, email me with the relevant information at and it will be included in the next refresh.  That goes for title updates too.  If you wish to fax a pedigree, the fax number is 303.470.8023.  Frameable printed Pedigrees and Family Trees are available, email to inquire.

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